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    Necessary mods for the VXR

    I have a 2013 VXR with about 7.5 hours on it now. This is intended to be the family ski that I can take the wife on and tow the kids in a tube. From what I've been reading here, most guys are trying to get every last mph out of their ski. At least for now, I am kind of on the other end of the spectrum. Well, I'm not trying to go slower, just not concerned with more speed. I'd rather have acceleration that top speed. Anyway, I was wondering what mods are just a must? I am a little nervous about starting to mod, not because I don't have the ability, but because I get carried away and don't know when to stop - like my tow rig in my signature

    From my reading here, the ribbon delete is a must along with the backing plate upgrade to seal out the water that my BRAND NEW ski takes on. Its not much, but enough to notice. Also, everything I've seen says the stock intake grate sucks. I was looking at the aquavein and pump seal kit. Any other suggestions? I ride mostly light chop in the river with some trips out to the bay in the plans. Glass is probably not going to happen. Any other mods that I should be looking into? If I can't fix the play in the steering shaft, I may go with the Riva system with motocross bars. Other than that, I don't have any more plans for mods.... yet


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    Ribbon delete, a simple intake setup and free flow exhaust and yes if you ride chop a grate with pump seal kit will def be better than stock if you wanna take it further after that look into modding ur stock ride plate by Jim and skat prop pitched for acceleration

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    How much louder is the free flow exhaust? It would be pretty easy to fabricate one, but I kind of like how quiet it is

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    It's a good ski stock. Exhaust mods (unless you change the waterbox) will only get you more noise. Air intake + ribbon delete makes the most noticeable diff.

    I don't go for all out speed, I set mine up kinda like closed course skis.

    Here are the mods I like:

    V-Tech Reflash
    Air Intake/Ribbon Delete
    Skat 13/16
    Riva SS grate (most like the R&D better)
    Pull stock spacers and add two fender washers to rear bolts on ride plate

    That makes for a pretty well rounded ski. Accelerates well, hooks up well in the chop, some increases to top speed. The reflash is really optional and only adds acceleration, in my experience. I like accel, so good for me. If you want to turn harder, the Macc sponsons are nice.

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    If u like it quiet leave exhaust alone.ribbon delete is a good start with that u will get about 100 more rpms +/-and u may or may not get a little cavitation but lean forward and all is good.i am using stock grate and i am at 73 on a good day. Mostly 70-72 almost always on good water...i also use the r&d grate in choppy water if i am going to be in it for a longer time.shimmng stock plate will help a little but a jims modded stock plate is night/day.keep trying to fix bars/steering neck. Save the money. Front storage is all u get unless u free flow exhaust then storage bucket fits. I havent heard of a stock ex mod that lets u use bucket...anybody chime in on that one??? In regards to reflash.......thats up to the owner. I know it gives higher rpms and hole shot and mid but i think it requires higher octane fuel..someone please educate me on that one...

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    Is there any issue with an aftermarket grate considering there is a bunch of crap in the water where I ride? Obviously I try to avoid it, but there is a bunch of grass, reeds, etc. floating down the creek. I am about to pull the trigger on this order!

    This is about as flat as I am going to get. I don't think there are any lakes anywhere near me. The river has been choppy every time I've ever been out there. So this is my best case scenario at least for now. In the video you can see some of the vegetation floating / avoiding. I wasn't really trying to do a full speed run. I was testing out my GoPro mount, so I figured I would floor it when I came around the curve. Read the description on the vid to see what kind of [email protected] I am!

    The reason I'm not terribly concerned about top speed is because this is where I normally run. There isn't much room to get wide open.
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    The bow and keel usually send debris to the sides but no a different grate will still let stuff flow though like the stock one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1200 stx-r View Post
    The bow and keel usually send debris to the sides but no a different grate will still let stuff flow though like the stock one.
    Any worse then the stock one because it has bigger openings or am I just being paranoid?

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    I think just paranoid. That thing sucks so much I think if it was going to get in there the grate is not going to stop it no matter what grate you have

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    Ok cool. I just sent Jerry my paycheck And so it begins!

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