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    Seadoo 951 will not rev past 5700 rpm

    I have a 2000 LRV with a 951 carb. I built this for my son over the winter. I put in a new crank, bored .5 over, put on a nice set of carbs serviced pump with a new ring and changed fuel lines. About 2 weels ago it started to max out at 5700 RPMs. I swapped out the power valves, MPEM, carbs, PV actuator, water regulator, checked compression,
    added a second ground, checked for ex leaks, bypassed watter seperator and selector. I am lost now,,,,any suggestions?

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    Are you sure you got it timed right? That flywheel bolts to the mag cup seperate doesn't it?

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    i read of a similar problem, where peak rpms gradually drop off as time went on. ended up being an internal water leak in pipe/exhaust manifold.

    you may also want to pressure test the engine. there's an article titled how to properly pressure test an engine in The yamaha section.

    the mag cup is separate the flywheel as mentioned above. you had it running normally though after rebuild, or did i misread you?

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