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    Do I have a bad stator in my 1997 Seadoo XP

    I have a 1997 Seadoo XP, a few weeks back I was riding and the ski just stopped. I brought it home and found a blown fuse the 5 amp. I tried to replace it and that one blew as well. I pulled my MPEM and bench tested it and it blew the fuse. I sent it off for repair, received it back a few days ago and installed it. The ski started right up I ran it with water going through it for a little bit then headed to the lake. I got on the lake and took off across the lake. Then it just stopped again, so again I found the 5 amp fuse blown tried to replace it and it blew again. I pulled the MPEM again and it tested good. So now I am at a loss and do not know where to go or what to do now. Please help

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    No idea man. I'm new to this stuff. Sounds like to me something is grounding out or corroded. I would try to trace the wires from the fuse and see if a wire is exposed and causing the fuse to pop. Which u probably already have at home with water plugged in it runs fine....but on the water and bouncing around it blows the me(and I'm no pro) some live wire is grounding out man. Probably pull your connections tracing back from the fuse and check. I've been advised to put in some dielectric grease/lube on my 97 xp. I'm no pro in watercraft though man but there are here in these forums. Someone will pipe in soon that knows their stuff. Good luck man.

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