New to the site
I am new to the site cause i have been having a problem with my 2000 polaris virage. the skis has less than 30 hrs on it and has been sitting for more than 5 yrs. I put it in the water 2 weeks ago and it was bogging down so i figured that the carburator still had some bad gas in it and i cleaned it out weel and the decided to have it sonic cleaned, then i put the carb back on and put the skis in the water i had the same problem which confused me. while sitting at the dock i took the seat off and saw a ton of smoke and water in the bilge. when i started it up it ran fine, so the problem was it wasnt getting enough air as when i put the seat on it bogged down again. i can not seam to see where the water and smoke are comming from even with a mirror.
can some one please try and point me in the right direction cause this is so fustrating.