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    SL 780 Electrical melt down!

    Buddy was on his 780 this weekend and it quit in the middle of the lake. He lifted the seat up and smoke came bellowing out with sparks and crackles going on. He dropped it off here for me to take a look. The entire wire harness from the electrical box to the engine (stator) is fried. Completely melted. He is darn lucky he did not have a serious fire!
    I find it bizarre that the system does not have a circuit protection for this type of failure. This is a serious safety issue. Has anyone seen this before?
    I would assume he needs a new stator and wire harness at the minimum. I have not opened the electrical box to see what kind of mayhem is present in there.
    Can the stator be changed with the motor still in the boat? Any comments are appreciated.


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    Did the battery have the plastic cover separating it from the e-box? Since the e-boxes on the older skis were metal they were prone to shorting out against the battery and burning up the ground wire. If this is what happened there's probably a good chance that the cdi was fried as well.

    You might be able to do the stator in the hull but it's probably easiest and best to just pull the motor and swap it out. That way you'll have good access to inspect all of the wiring harnesses in the hull.

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    The stator can be replaced with motor in the ski, you need to remove the fuel tank for access, I did an slx a couple years ago for someone, a real PIA job! most likely the CDI will need to be replaced too, & as Thottleout said its usually the battery cover missing or worn through that causes this short, was a poor design, I also put a piece of thin rubber between the battery & cover.

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    sure enough forgot to put the plastic cover on battery. Dead short from pos + to stator. lesson hard learned! Now I know what that cover thing is for

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