i just bought this. the previous owner got the ski from a relative that had recently passed away. needless to say they knew nothing about the machine and i didnt know much more. the battery was dead when i got there. they were in the process of charging it so it could be started. once the battery was up to snuff they were about to start it and i said i thought we should hook up a garden hose to supply water before starting. we left the water running through the whole process of hooking up charger cables, waiting for the battery to charge, cranking, etc. it eventually started and sounded great. i paid him and trailored it home. i have not used it yet but have been reading and tripped over something that said dont run water unless the engine is running. have i done something bad to my new ski. i plan on changing the oil multiple times one right after the other to rid the oil of water if thats what the danger is. what is the danger, where does the water supposedly go when this is done. am i worrying for nothing. if anybody with experience with this is reading this please give some advice. thanks in advance. bill