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    2001 Kawasaki 900 STS - Hesitates at ~4500 RPMs


    I'm having problems with my Kawasaki 900 STS. Acceleration is great and it starts as it should. However, once I get to cruising speed about about 4500 rpms it is almost as if a rev limiter kicks in and falls slightly below 4500 and then the throttle pushes it back above and it falls back down, etc...

    I have a manual, but it doesn't seem to say that there is a rev limiter on this machine nor are there any warning lights on the dash. Does that make sense given the age/genre? I've seen some comments about checking for water flow through the water temp sensor and out the side of the machine. That appears to be fine as I disconnected the line and was able to easily blow air through. I've also checked my water temp sensor and heat temp sensor with a volt meter and both circuits appear to be staying open (showing a 1 on the volt meter).

    Would bad spark plugs do this?

    Any thoughts?


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    Try riding it with the seat off to see if the exhaust system is leaking into the hull.

    If not, try loosening the fuel cap just a little and see if that helps. Could be a fuel venting problem, but I don't think you'd see it appear so quickly.

    For grins, try running on Reserve.

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