I just bought a 1999 polaris and it seems as if acceleration has deteriorated (below 15mph range). At first, it seemed a bit slow slow to accelerate (or slower than I would have expected) and now, it seems I have to feather the throttle or press and hold throttle for a while hoping it will get above 10mph. After 15, it takes off like a rocket and has what appears to be normal top end speed/performance.

I've read a lot about the TPS items and I'm wording if this could be the problem. I'm so confused about pig tail versions and non-pigtail versions and I'm struggling to find the best place to buy them.

I also noticed that when I bought the machine it only had 2 of the NGK recommend plugs and 1 champion equivalent. I've read enough to know that is a huge no no so I replaced these (have yet to get back on the water). Not thinking this is the problem as my acceleration issue was more pronounced during the later part of the month I had it on the water.

I've also read a lot of about fuel pressure although I haven't seen any posts or any step by step guidance on how to test the pressure. Can anyone provide some guidance here? My understanding this too has a huge impact, but would it affect the machine across the whole spectrum or only at lower RPMs

Thanks so much!