Idiotic friend flipped my ski. Hasnt ran!
Blew out engine, nothing much was in it
changed plugs and gapped-30-also have spark on all 3 plugs
cleaned injectors
tested injectors-sprays ok
new fuel pump and filters
fuel seemed ok-skeptical though
ski is not throwing and codes
wants to crank but does not-gets to about 900 rmps then craps out
battery did short out
currently using same battery
good compression test #3-170 #2-150 #1-150
number 2 spark plug was a little black after trying to crank
drained and added fresh coolant
changed oil although i do have an oil issue but ski ran fine beforehand
ski ran fine the day before flipping

Questions: does fuel injectors go in a certain pattern according to cylinders?
bad fuel?
costly internal problems?

syphoning and adding fresh fuel and new battery are my next steps