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    2007 fx ho

    Hello, brand new to this forum and jetskiing. I just bought the machine in the title. Went to check it out, previous owner was charging battery when I arrived. They received the ski from a relative that had recently passed away and knew nothing about them. I also know near nothing about them. We are ready to try to start the machine after the battery had charged for a while and I say I think we need to hook up a garden hose to supply water. We do this and leave it on while we are futzing around with battery, cables, charging, etc. Eventually the machine starts and sounds fine. We shut if off, water still running for a little while. I pay him and trailer it home. That night I read the manual and it says to never run water without running the motor. Have I damaged something? Where does the water go that is damaging? I plan on sucking out the oil, adding new, running it for a few minutes, and repeating this for a few "oil changes" to hopefully rid the crankcase of any water that may have gotten in there. I'm not even sure that's where the water possibly goes in this case. Where it ran fine after we ran water for a while do I need to worry about anything? Can anybody help me? Thanks in advance, Bill

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    As long as there is no water in the cylinders, you're fine. Check the oil and see if it's milky. Then pull the spark plugs and try and turn the engine over. If no water comes out of the spark plug holes, then you've dodged a bullet. If it does, then keep cranking until all the water gets out of it and then run it for a half our to an hour on the water to dry it out.

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    You need to go and watch my videos. They are made to help people like you who are new to PWC.

    I have Spark Plug and Maintenance videos.

    look under uploaded videos and find the PWC related ones.

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