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Aero Aswar and Jettribe Team went to Round 5 of the US National Tour held in Colonial Beach, VA - one and a half hour drive from the capital city, Washington DC. Aero’s dad and he arrived the race site on the Friday noon, the weather was very hot and humid and most of the racers were more likely to stay in the hotel with some air conditioner. It reached 105 degree with the a humidity of 85%.
The ski that Aero was riding wasn’t being tested by him after some changes in it. A supercharger was changed to made the ski faster. With only couple hours before sunset Aero only have several minutes to finally get ready for the race the next day.
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In moto 1 Aero finished 5th coming from the second to last and made it all the way up. “I almost fell off on some corners maybe because I was to aggressive on catching up with the others, good thing that Jettribe’s wetsuit has the gecko grip that made me able to stay on the seat and made it through.” Moto 2 wasn’t a good moto for Aero, his ski shut down when he was at 4th position at the very last lap. That caused him to finished 9th in the moto. Aero’s throttle body’s valve was stuck and that made the ski stop to run so he decided to get another throttle body from Troy’s spare boat and use it for the final moto.
Aero finished seventh overall on round 5 and 8th in the tour. He still is excited for the next two rounds and will do his best to be able to catch his points.
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