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    2006 RXP coolant tank filling after starting

    Hey guys,

    I had a problem with my 2006 RXP with coolant spilling out all over the haul. After some trouble shooting I thought the coolant tank cap needed to be replaced. I took off the seat and watched the coolant tank overflow and had coolant spill out the sides(not the top) of the cap. The new cap fits snug, and replaced the tank as well in case the tread was stripped. I refilled the coolant system, I did't drain the system to replace the tank. started up the ski to get rid of any air tat could be trapped. With in 10 seconds the tank was filled ( put coolant to max line prior to start to displace any air), but not over flowing. Should I be concerned and If any one else has seen this could you help me out figuring it out. Thanks.

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    Has anybody worked on your ski lately???Sounds like you have the cooling lines that go to the thermostat crossed...

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    Snoman: No one has worked on it but me since I bough it last Oct. only work I have done was winterized it, and changed out the tank and cap. I did ride it before I purchased it and there was no heat or coolant issues then.

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