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    Fault code p1509 on gtx 4tec supercharged 03

    Hi guys, this is my first post on your forum.

    I've just got a 2003 seadoo gtx 4 tec
    And after riding for a short while it was flashing at me 'high temp' then occasionally after the bleeping, going in to limp mode for 5-10 seconds. I then got up the fault code p1509
    I've looked up the code and its saying its a lake temp sensor???

    Please advise with any knowledge on this problem

    Thanks in advance

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    Pleeeeease help!!!!!

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    thats probably high exhaust temp. You might not have good water flow through the exhaust system.

    I had this happen to a 03 gtx a few weeks back it was the j pipe to waterbox clamps had come loose and was spraying water out into the ski and overheating the waterbox.

    Run it on the hose for a few minuets and see if you have good flow through the ski and that you have no leaks.

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    Brilliant. Thanks for that. I have asked a few people and that had now come up twice. Will keep you posted. Thanks again.

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    If you have it running on the hose there should be a good amount of water out the prop Area.

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    Gonna have a look on Thursday eve.

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    I have a 2003 just like yours. 1st thing to check is the sensor in the exhaust (EGT). It's located at the back of the boat. It screws into the exhaust resonator. As hotbird said, check the boat by hooking water to it and checking for any water leaks in the exhaust system. Start boat 1st then turn on water since water is injected into the exhaust. You do not want water getting into the engine. Also check the coolant in the recovery tank hanging on the seat cross support. If it is low in coolant, it will cause the boat to overheat. I had this happen after I rebuilt my engine. I pinched a coolant hose so it was leaking coolant while I was riding. Of course, you do not notice any coolant in the boat because the bilge system pumps it out but my boat keep loosing coolant water. Once I fixed the leak and my coolant stay level, I had no more overheating. Also, back to the EGT sensor on the exhaust. I had forgotten to plug the connector back into the EGT sensor when I rebuilt the S/C. When I started the boat, I got the same code and beeper.

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    Thank you for the input guys. I have already ordered the sensor and hopefully it arrives tomorrow. Il check the coolant level tomorrow,will keep you guys posted on my findings.

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    For testing the head temp uses the same sensor. Also on the 03 the manifold temp uses the same sensor.

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