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    IT IS ALIVE... But still somewhat wonky...

    I have a 2000 Model Virage. Red Engine.... I just rebuilt the carb....twice. Apparently, she now needs adjustment and I do not know where to begin. It seems an adjustment screw on the exterior bow side (IIRC) had "fallen" out somehow and may have been the problem all along - But not noticing that screw, I rebuilt the carb and now don't know how to adjust the carb to get her to run properly - or, at least where to begin and how to proceed with adjustification of the carb.

    Can someone help me out?


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    If they are Mikuni carbs do a search here or on net, there's an adjustment guide out there. If you can't find it PM me I may still have it somewhere. If Keiehns (sp?) I can't help you there much.

    BIG rule of thumb though when adjusting carbs - - start out with the needles initially set to the rich side and make the adjustments in small increments. Better to be rich and fouling plugs than lean...and...BOOM!

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    if there 40mm keihin cdkII then u have just low idle air screw, start at 1.5 turns out

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