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    LRV Question regarding removing carbs

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ID:	308191Are there any special tools or precautions to removing the carbs from a Seadoo LRV? It looks to me like it is necessary to remove the exhaust completely from the motor in order to get at the carbs? Also, if a person is careful, is there any need to replace any exhaust or carb gaskets? I have title issues with this LRV so I don't want to spend much on it till I get that resolved (IF I can) but I want to get in there to clean the carbs at least. P.S. If I can't resolve the title issues I will be parting this thing out with a running motor.
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    no do not remove exuast tool needed two 10 mm wrenchs 2 mm allen 6 mm allen 1/4 drive 1/4 drive ratchet and small 1/4 extension and 1/4 nut driver for the fuel line clamps

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    that was absolutely ridiculous! How can it be so difficult to remove the carburetors on such a big ass ski? I think it took me an hour to remove those two bottom bolts in the blind. Am I missing something or is this just the way these have to be removed?

    I removed the four long bolts that hold the carburetor on shifted it forward and then detached all of the cables and fuel lines. Does that sound about right? What a pain to work around that exhaust! Made me really appreciate my Yamaha SUVs hahaha!

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    It's a lot easier after you've done it a couple times.

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    You think removing is hard? Try putting it back

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    Been doing it so long, I can do it with my eyes closed....Take your time and don't get frustrated....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiny View Post
    Been doing it so long, I can do it with my eyes closed....Take your time and don't get frustrated....
    Now I see what you are saying. After the third time of having to take them off and re-install it does get easier. Now it is VERY easy since I sold that POS the other day!

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