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    2005 RXP 215, Time to rebuild the Supercharger

    Hello everyone, I'm approaching a 100 hrs on my ski and it's been absolutely troublefree, since I bought it. Had the metal clutch washers put in almost immediately after reading the posts on here and everything has been great. So anyways! now I need to have this Supercharger rebuilt, I feel I'm somewhat mechanically inclined and I read that article on here about removing the Supercharger, but I have to admit it scares the Hell out of me with all those Hoses and Clamps and I'm just not sure I have the intestinal fortitude to take this on. I read that Jerry's the guy to have rebuild and make that Supercharger Bulletproof, so that's what I decided I want to do, but I first need to get it out of there. Is there anybody on this site up here in Washington that has experience removing these Superchargers or can anybody recommend a shop up here that does this. I was thinking of just going to the local Seadoo dealership and have them do it, but not sure if that would be quite the same as the Supercharger rebuild everyone praises that Jerry does. Well, I appreciate any information, only got 6 hours left, so not in a huge hurry, but I'm planning on doing this at the end of Summer. Thank you and sincerely Arne

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    It's just 3 bolts, the air intake tube and move your exhaust out of the way. I say peek in there a few's not that big a deal at all. A dealer is likely gonna charge you $100 (1hr labor) just to remove it.

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    Removing the charger is easy besides the one bolt on top. Not hard at all, if I can do it you can do it

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