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    Seadoo GTR Fuel Gauge

    So the first time I went riding last weekend, I put 3 hours on the meter. The fuel buzzer went off and I rode for a bit more. I stopped to fuel up on the way home to figure out how much fuel I used. I put 39 liters in the 60 liter tank. I went out again yesterday and rode for over 3.5 hours. The fuel buzzer went off, I rode for a bit more and then when I was down to one bar I figured I better head back to the dock. Well that one bar of fuel disappeared and that concerned me. I did have a buddy with me to tow if necessary. I rode quite a ways at 30 mph with no fuel showing on the gauge. Again, I stopped on the way home to fuel up and put in 50 liters. That means I had 10 liters left.

    Is everyone experiencing these same fuel gauge findings?

    As long as this is consistent, I am fine with it, I know that when I have no fuel on the gauge, I still have plenty to get back to the dock at any speed I wish.

    On a good note, I am quite happy with the amount of time I am getting to ride on a tank of gas.

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    Yes what your experiencing is normal.
    All the new seadoos are like that.
    I think its because they made the tanks bigger but have the same fuel sending unit as the smaller tanks of the past.

    I've had it happen to the 260's I purchase also.
    I just wish there was a way to make it stop beeping...

    Rip on...

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    I forgot to mention that my friend riding with me on a 2010 RXT-X had one bar flashing and after filling up determined that he had 8 litre left in the tank.

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    Actually this isnt on the newer skis only. my 2006 RXP and my old 180 Challenger did the SAME thing.

    seadoo is just ultra-conservative on the reading.

    Why? prevent people from being stranded and make people gas up to stop the annoying buzzer.

    Consider this: a rotax engine will burn the whole tank at WOT in an hour and a half roughly.

    10L is only afew minutes at WOT. not to mention a wake could cause the fuel to jump up, starve the engine of gas because the pump wasnt pumping.

    I always look at the tank and see the level before heading out before looking at the gauge.
    I roughly know how much im missing. (say the older styled tanks like on the RXP. I could fit 20L-23L from where the seam is.

    I just keep my tank filled up more just for the sake of mind.

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    I have seen this behavior on my 2011 ski also. Perhaps brp are being cautious.

    In general a good rule of thumb for riding anything on the water is the Rule of Thirds.
    - 1/3 for the journey TO your destination
    - 1/3 for the journey BACK
    - 1/3 RESERVE

    The experiment and observations you've made are a good thing.

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    With the mods I hear that beep way too much lately. It's Annoying so I generally always add 7 gals of 93 before I take her out each time and adjust from there.

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    When I have 3 bars left on my fuelgauge I have half tank. I have a gti so it should be the same for you.

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