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    Quick, need Torque setting for trailer axle

    Hit a pothole, and the left wheel pushed back on the trailer rail, the axle is fixed to the trailer with u-bolts. I am guessing this side was not quite tight enough. I got it lined back up and want to set a proper torque on it but cannot find any torque specs on this Karavan trailer. It is a two PWC trailer. Thinking it should be somewhere around 75lbs but I do not want to break off the bolt either. We are trying to go to the lake today, hopefully.

    Thanks in advance. Just hoping the right person is on here this morning and reading.

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    Not critical. Just very tight. I don't think you will break it without a cheater bar.

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    After consulting with a few mechanical friends, one of them found a site to show a toque range from 30 - 50 lbs. Another site showed for 5/8" bolts to use 70 -90. I went with 55, as 50 did not seem enough to me considering the amount of forces the axle can take at 60mph around the roads on most lakes. I feel much more confident now that they are torqued, but there is no way these were near tight enough for the damage that happened they way it happened. I think they are tight enough now, but I notice more pulling (tugging) from the trailer. I will be taking it in this week to have them assess.
    Here is what it looked like after pot hole, and finally after getting it back on track. The hole I hit was maybe 4" deep, and was as I was pulling out of the storage yard to the road, I was being careful as there is quite a lip between the driveway and road.
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