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    Another Question on Supercharger Removal

    Gees, another problem. Got the waterbox off finally and shoved back... Found the supercharger bolt heads...i think. Got one loose the one at the bottom I am having trouble with.. the #8 torx doesn't seem to fit to well. Got the one on the side off with the #10 but my efforts for the bottom one it seemed like it was slipping..

    Anyway I then decided on the top bolt and it seems to be a difficult chore. with the 1/4 open end it seems like i am about to round off the edges which scares me to death. Is there a special tool for this and also has anyone found any special tricks for getting to these torx heads.. i.e. a good diagram etc. of the bolts.

    Thanks for all your guys help!!!

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    sounds like yours are on there really tight, nice and corroded, or nice and loaded with loctite...

    you might have to break out the heat...

    an E8 torx shouldn't be able to round off the bottom bolts at all... it's an exact fit.... the top one with a 1/4" open end CAN round it off if the bolt is to tight...

    try a little heat, and then put some good constant pressure on it.... if still no go, then whip out the vice grips or something and mangle it and get it off otherwise wait and buy a torx wrench

    when ur done... throw out the torx bolts and put normal hex bolts in there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shibby1485 View Post
    when ur done... throw out the torx bolts and put normal hex bolts in there
    I just got mine back in today, and this was the best piece of advice offered to me.

    In any case, none of the three 1/4" drive ratchets I had can fit into the slot immediately behind the top bolt. A box end worked best for me. Tedious, but effective.

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    I hear you loud and clear I had the same situation with the top bolt, so I went to sears (again) and got this little flat rachet wrench. worked like a champ! Less than $8 too
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    a rateching box-end wrench is your friend.....badams7, you may want to go get some PB Blaster penetrating oil. Spray it on those bolts, let it sit overnight. Spray the bolts again about half hour before you try it again. That should do the trick. Torch may work too, but thats a tight area to have open flame.

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