I've read around quite a bit on this thread, but I'm still a little unsure on where to start diagnosing the problem I'm having with my 1994 Waverunner 3 GP.

I recently put in a new carb rebuild kit from yamaha, a new starter, new oil lines, new steering and reverse cables, and fresh gas with ethanol additive. The issue i'm having is getting the right adjustment on the carb. so that it doesn't stall out at an idle once it's in the water without also having a hesitation problem when I hammer down on it from a slow speed. I believe the service manual calls for 1 7/8 turns on the low screw and 1 5/8 on the high screw. From what I've been reading on here those seem to be pretty high numbers.

Another problem that just developed is that I can be running at a high speed or almost WOT when all of a sudden the power cuts out to about half throttle. It will stay that way for a few seconds and then take off all of a sudden to full speed. It's almost as if someone throws a switch that allows full power. What could be causing this? Could this be related to the over temp. sensor on the head?

I ride this ski exclusively in salt water. It's been flushed and washed down after every use.

Thanks in advance guys.