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    Pulling engine to clean, paint etc, 787 (96xp)

    I wanted to replace most of the gaskets in my engine, exhaust, etc and clean my seadoo out, clean the engine up and paint everything. It is FILTHY!

    Can I just remove my engine and put it back in? Is it that easy or is it more complicated. Can I just throw it back on the engine mounts and bolt er in or do I have to do anything special like precise lining it up, etc.?

    Please advise, someone with some knowledge. Many thanks.

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    ok....if your going to do this you might as well go all the way...and i mean everything. pull the gas tank, oil resivoir, and the entire exhaust aside from the engine. what you need to start with is what you just got done replacing. pull the pump starting at the carbon ring. take the carbs off as you dont want to damage them yanking the motor out without a hoist. take the exhaust apart at the stinger (fat part of the pipe) break that seal. take the exhaust manifold off. after that if you dont have the hoist get a friend to help. after you get it out and ready to reinstall...well...there are two ways to go about this. the professional way, or the close enough way. I will tell you decide.
    professional way
    get a motor alignment tool. ( may be hard to find with this old of a ski) when you reinstall the motor, its as simple as mounting this device like the pump then tighten the motor mounts down and your done.
    the close enough way
    reinstall everything as you would. leave the motor mounts loose but bolts installed a little snug but not tight. once the drive shaft is back in with the pump as it should, bump the motor over a couple times. make sure it does not start. pull the plug wires. wiggle the shaft to see if there is play in all directions. if it feels like there is tighten them down and your done. its not perfect but its close. you may be replacing your carbon ring in a couple years(maybe a bit sooner than normal) but its worked for me so far and I havent sunk yet.

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    Save yourself a lot of hassle......get some good foaming engine degreaser (2 cans) and spray everything down real good. Leave it for about 15 minutes then use the carwash on "wash"(hot water) to flush everything out the rear WILL get wet. Then use the spotless rinse(lower pressure to finish rinsing the hull out. It should be VERY clean now.

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