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    2003 kawasaki 1100

    Ran low on fuel now its running rough what do i do

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    1. Put more fuel in it.

    2. Ask your question in the 2-Stroke Section as "I believe" a 2003 Kawasaki 1100 = 2-Stroke

    3. Might wanna check your fuel filter as you may have sucked-up some "schmegma" and now it's clogged or semi-clogged.

    Good Luck !!!

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    Do a compression check, depending on how fast you were going you might have hurt the motor.. If all cylinders are within 10% then make sure your fuel filter isn't clogged with rust or sometimes water will mess with certain filters....Also pull the plugs make sure there not grey or damaged or fouled from oil... If you plugged off the oil pump and mix the gas yourself than you shouldn't have excessive oil on the plugs, but If not then the oil pump will keep pumping oil while your running out of gas and possibly foul the plugs..

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    If its a DI don't mix the gas.... youll fry the crank bearings and have even more problems..

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