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    09 GTX 255is Fault code P2080, running like crap and water in the hull

    This is my first posting. I just picked up a used 09 GTXis last weekend to go with the RXP that we picked up a couple weeks ago.

    Took the GTX out today and did not get very far.

    I suspected there was some weeds in the intake as my son tells me "it would not go very fast yesterday". So I jumped in the lake, and found a small amount of weeds on the intake grate. Cleared it up and took off again. Engine is getting progressively worse, check engine light comes on with a fault code of P2080.

    Took it back to the lift and found that the hull has some water in it. Now, I am not sure if this was from the previous day or from something wrong with the ski.

    Any suggestions? I found some information on the EGT sensor being loose or melted. Also a mention of a split hose but not much else.

    Time to grab a beer and head to the lift!.
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    Ok.. I put the boat down on the lift and let it idle. I can see a fine mist when I look under the cover where the battery is at.

    How do I get better access to the engine compartment?

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    Pulled the ski off the lift this morning. Found the following:

    1. Lots of water in the hull. Took a long time to drain it out.

    2. Pulled the cover off the rear and found one of the hoses to the heat exchanger popped off. The heat exchanger insulation is partially melted. The sensor is trashed.

    What would cause this to happen?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I am going to try and repair it but what else should I look for? I suspect that the cooling was plugged up or the cooling line popped off the exhaust. The cooling line may have popped off when the exhaust got so hot that it melted the hose. How can I test to see if the cooling is cleared?

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    So I picked up a replacement temp sensor, reconnected the hose and flushed it on the hose.

    Still have code P2080 and runs like crap. No power and rpm tops out around 5k.

    Could water box overheating cause other problems? Is it possible to damage the IC or SC?

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    How many hours on the gtx?
    I had the same ski and loved it.
    I sold mine at 165+hrs..

    Start with the easy stuff.
    How old is the fuel?
    How new are the spark plugs?

    It almost sounds like a bad ic..
    The I S skis are no fun to work on.
    I had my top deck off 4-5 times in order to just do basic maintaining..
    There are threads on top deck removal that you can find by using the search function.

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    The ski has about 35 hours on it. I just purchased it from a dealer that supposedly did a full service on it, whatever that is. I suspect it's just an oil change and a run through on any open campaigns. The gas is fresh and I don't know about the plugs.

    I am going to drag it back to the dealer.

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    So I took the ski back to the dealer, 3 hours away. They hooked up the computer and cleared the P2080 code. Check engine light was off. Put the ski on a hose and ran it while the computer was monitored, all looked good.

    Drove back 3 hours and dumped it in the lake. SAME problem, engine will not go above 5000 rpm!

    So I pulled it back out and it's sitting in the driveway, if I am lucky it will get stolen overnight.

    Started reading further and see that the next step would be the spark plugs? Maybe the fuel? The ski ran great one day, then crappy the next after the exhaust overheated. There was quite a bit of water in the hull from the exhaust cooling line popping off. How could the exhaust overheat cause this?

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    Post up where you live.
    Maybe your close to a member who knows how to work on skis..

    Dealerships don't know there ASS from a hole in the ground..

    Sounds like you are losing boost.
    Are you able to check the hoses inside the hull?
    I know these I S skis suck when it comes to space in the hull that's accessible.

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    I am in Austin.

    Not sure if I can check the boost hoses without pulling off the top deck. I'll try tomorrow.

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