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    Still 5- 6 MPH down

    2004 GTX SC 185 HP

    Always ran right at 61 MPH (GPS)

    New plugs this season. Oil at proper level.
    Replaced wear ring.

    WOT with premium gas now gives me 55 MPH at 7500RPM.

    Time to get the (stock-original) impeller trued/replaced ? Trueing/rebending it vs replacing ? It has seen a few oyster shells in its time....

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    I would replace it with this Solas

    I have a Solas that has been tweaked by Erik at to 12.5/18 and it turns 7600-7650 in the Texas heat and runs 65-66 gps all day long.

    Tell me you have had the ceramic washers removed from the SC and had it rebuilt right? If not, you have a time bomb on your hands.
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