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    Leave it or convert to premix

    Hey everyone. Today I picked up a 92' yamaha 650 sitdown with a tandem trailer for $500. It has a new battery and runs just perfect... Haven't gotten around to a compression test but I'm sure it's good. My question is it still has oil injection, and obviously is working because that's how the previous owners used it and I used it for about 15 minutes today. But what I'm afraid of is the filter will clog, or the oil pump goes out, then I'm out
    160 plus dollars on a top end kit. What's the simple and easiest way to convert to premix? I already have a WR500 so I have to mix it anyway. Whatcha guys think?

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    GO PREMIX!!!! Had an issue last year with ski that lost an oil line. You will damage the crank, bearings, etc. Just go 44:1 premix and go. Any others chime in on riching up the mixture because of premix??? I just premixed mine and went. Runs like a champ!!!


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    Pre mix is better than oil,injection IMHO but not sure how to convert on your ski. Someone will chime in

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    if you're the only one riding it, then premix might be the way to go, but if you ever loan it out or have others ride it, then you also risk that they don't mix it properly or at all.

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