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    Smile Which brand is the best...?

    I am considering buying another ski. For those of you who have read the repair thread you know that I have been restoring a Polaris SLT780. I really like it but I am wondering if I should go with a different brand for my next ski.

    My primary concern is reliability.

    Next performance.

    next easy to work on and find parts

    I would like to spend under 3K

    Has anyone ever converted a 1 ski trailer to a 2 ski trailer? I am looking at my trailer and all I would need is some longer channel in the middle and a longer axle.

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    In terms of reliability you are pretty hard pressed to beat Yamaha. But like ANY used PWC, it's only as good as the guy who did or didn't take care of it. The Polaris Fuji 780 has always been one of the most reliable around as the 700 twin BUT they need the proper updates and care to make them trouble free.

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    how big or small of a ski?

    an X4 hull with an 800 motor is a pretty reliable setup and a good performer... so u'd be looking at 96 XP and 97+ SPX (these are the same boats, they just renamed them, same hulls same motors) ... very very easy to work on, and parts are very readily available

    i wouldn't buy anything 951cc that has the name Seadoo on it if you want reliable, but they are awesome performers when they are running... pretty much to keep it running you need to fog it and winterize it everytime you use it, haha

    a gp1200... or if you really shop around, you may get lucky and find a 2000 or other early GPR for 3k, they are floating around at good deals here and there

    and i dont know anything about kawasaki except their newer 4-strokes, can't help ya there

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    no more polaris get a YAMAHA i have everything yamaha but my skis and let me tell ya the yamahas just keep going and going and going and dont worry about the warrentee with a yamaha cause your never going to use it lol. never ever bought extended warnt with 2 quads and will never do that again the damn bikes are 8 years old and still kicking never been to the shop

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    great advise thanks guys.

    I guess I will favor Yamahas while I am shopping.

    What about the trailer conversion?

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