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    polaris virage txi not running right with exhaust leak

    Bought a 2002 polaris virage txi with a bad emm and a blown waterbox. I had the emm fixed and got a new water box. I put the ski in the water and everything seemed to be running smooth at first got up to around 35 mph, after holding the throttle for a few seconds it kinda fell on its face and the oil light started blinking, I let off the throttle and the light stopped blinking and it ran good till around 35mph and then did the same thing. Took it back to shore and pulled the seat and steam, exhaust came out with about 3" of water laying in the bottom of the hull. I traced the leak to a split seam on the 3rd resonator. I just ordered a new resonator, so my question is it possible the leaking resonator could be causing this? Compression is good, correct spark plugs are installed.

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    yes.engine needs fresh air

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    The exhaust buildup will replace oxygen and the engine will bog. This would be unrelated to the oil light.

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    Got the new resonator and the ski runs perfect now but the oil light is still blinking, could this just be a faulty sensor?

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