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    Riddle me this Rooster tail

    Ok, i've read and read plenty of threads and i keep seeing the same answer on Yamaha's rooster tail.

    I want to get rid of it or plug it up because it looks dumb.

    But here's my dilemma, i've strapped a cooler to the back of my ski before which blocked the caused me to bog down to where reaching 20 mph was impossible.

    I beached my ski and re-strapped my cooler which allowed for the rooster tail to do its thing, and BOOM i was running fine again.

    This tells me that if i block the spout then it will cause a performance issue.

    So all this talk about JB welding and installing shut off this all true stuff?

    I want to get rid of this stupid rooster tail but not at the cost of anything else that may get jacked up from me being ignorant.

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    Disconnect hose #35 from fitting on rear deck. Ziptie out of the way facing rearward. Call it a day.

    There will be ZERO issues with this technique.

    Do yourself a favor and forget about the JB weld, plugs, etc..... Waste of time on an XL 800 used for family fun and hauling coolers and such....

    If you ever want to reinstall, cut zipties and reattach to fitting.....DONE.
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    Every method for disabling the rooster tail should not and would not cause any problems. I can't see how your cooler caused the problems you describe. Must have been a coincidence

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    Have to agree with CRAZYA and CUTLASS it should not cause any issue with performance. I have pulled it loose from the bottom of the hull and bent the hose double and zip tied the hose double to plug it. works great.

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    something else is wrong

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    I have to agree you had one of the wierd moments when something else was happening @ the same time ... no possible way that gay spray spout could effect your ski performance .

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