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    Question exploring my 05 RXT looking for my leak

    can anyone tell me what the purpose of this is? Click image for larger version. 

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    I see water in my boat every time i ride it, usually takes a couple of hours to get 3 inches so i am looking down there to see what is where...
    what is the purpose of this breather? and all of the clear lines.

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    Those are your water siphons. The have a line that travels up high, then back down to a one way valve....and then out to your pump, as you can see in your picture. Their purpose is to use the suction from the pump venturi to pull any water out that gets in there...They changed in 2006 to be incorporated into the drain plugs, since water goes to the back of the hull when riding...

    If you have a leak, I suggest you let t he hull dry out for a day or two with the seats off...and make sure the bottom is dry, no dripping water.....THEN, when all is dry, take a hose and slowly fill your ski up in the back (don't worry, you will be fine)....What we are looking for is to get the water level to about 4-5 inches deep, and look for signs of water dripping OUT from any location in the rear of the ski....Such as the exhaust fitting, ride plate openings, carbon seal, etc......because its easier to find than sticking the ski back in the water and trying to figure it out.

    Find the drip, find the source....When done, pull the plugs, water will come out...

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    Right on Danny--also be sure the area on the bottom of the hull is clean where what you have pictured goes.
    Looks like to have some dirt of the pick up which would impead water extraction.

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    oh i see this is what sucks the water out, a bilge pump so to say is there more than one down there?

    as far as filling it with water, i did it yesterday probably a good 3 inches maybe more. Then i carefully looked at the bottom for 10 - 15 mins it sat with the water in it, no leak. The right drain plug actually was dripping a drop every 4-5 secs and i didnt think much of it but maybe i should...?
    is it possible that the carbon seal would only leak when under load?

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    Yes if it cavitates water is probably getting in mine does it

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    If it doesn't leak with water in it then fire it up and then if it leaks its probably your carbon seal.

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    It shouldn't cavitate, new wear ring 2 weeks ago and the prop looked good so if does then it could mean only one thing carbon seal? I will check it out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wotxxxsd View Post
    If it doesn't leak with water in it then fire it up and then if it leaks its probably your carbon seal.
    I will try this as well, I.can't go ride it until later in the week so I ll try this Tuesday night see what happens. :thumbup:

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    Rode it yesterday, went through half a tank towing a tube and some regular riding. Did push it hard some times but nothing too extreme. No water in it this time, maybe didn't ride it hard enough for it to leak through the carbon seal? At this point I will wait and see what happens?

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