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    Vibration problem


    earlier today, in a place where there are 20 feet of water, my engine was bucking as if it was something in the turbine ... When I accelerate, it goes to 30 km / h ... then it vibrates too ...

    I get out of the water, look and I see nothing around the propeller. I start the engine out of the water for 15 seconds, gone to 6000 rpm and put it bback in the water ant it works... He has already done that to me 2-3 times and going backward, forward in the water for 1 minutes solved the problem but not this time... What is the problem?? (RXT X 260 2011)

    thank you

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    Could be a number of things - I am trying to fully understand your post.

    It could be:
    - Ignition coils popping up (too much lubricate on them, teeth on coils not gripping plugs good enough, plugs not fully secured to spec or missing crush washers)
    - Something actually clogged in your exhaust system
    - Super charger bearings/washers gone/going bad?
    - Bad plugs

    Just an idea, but I am sure the more skilled riders will chime in.

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    something stuck on the grate?!

    sometimes shutting the engine off while backing up will free it..

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    Something in the intake grate..
    Weeds or fishing line..

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