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    Upgrade from a XLT800

    I currently have a 2002 XLT800. It is my 3rd season with it. It had low hours when I bought it and had a new top end due to the infamous valve issue (has the newer clips installed). I have just recently upgraded from a two stroke to four stroke on my pontoon and was looking to do the same on my wave runner.

    I am on a chain of lakes with only one being open speed and being just over 300 acre's. My question is if a VX Deluxe would be a good entry level trade up? I know the FX has the 1.8 but unsure if it would make any difference on a small body of water like this. I am also wanting good fuel economy as my teenagers put a hurt on my gas bill with my XLT.

    I see Yamaha has a special adder for trade in's now so wanted to try to get some suggestions on what do get prior to haggling with the dealer? Any ideas how much they would offer in trade? Am I better selling outright?


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    Almost always better off selling outright. The dealer might not even take a 2 stroke in on trade. Some don't anymore.

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