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    Lightbulb ZXI hull damage help

    Hi i have a 96 ZXI that recently got some hull damage. My buddy crashed into something near the shore and put a 2"x4" hole in the fiberglass. I am willing and able to do fiberglass repair, but what im not sure about is the foam inside. We drove it for an hour before we realized there was damage, due to water buildup in the engine bay of the hull. Ive let it sit for a few weeks and the foam feels dry now, but I cant confirm that for where I cant physically touch. Any ideas, knowledge, or advice would be appreciated.

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    It may be OK, but you might try putting a space heater near it and keep it warm for a day or two. You don't want to get it too close or you might cause damage. I don't know if trapped water will hurt anything, but it will make it heavier and could freeze.

    My SS Xi was built with the rear of the 'Ski completely sealed. I drilled a hole through it so I could install a drain plug (they didn't come with drain plugs!!!) and water came out when I drilled the hole...

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