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    2000 GTX stalls when starting full throttle from stop, fuel lines replaced

    2000 GTX original owner (i.e., I know the history), I replaced the fuel lines at the end of the season last year. Due to various unrelated things did not have a chance to fully check it out. Took it out for the first time and once on plane it seems to run really well, only a slight bog when letting off the throttle (all the way) then getting back on full throttle. When completely stopped applying full throttle causes the engine to bog and die. Slowly rolling on the throttle works.

    Since I had it there has been no other carb/fuel work done. When I did the fuel lines I checked the carbs and they were really clean.

    Heard mention of changing the low-speed screws but not sure why they would need adjusted (if this is what is needed). Also is it possible to change them without taking the airbox/carbs off? I would think multiple changes are required and that would make it very difficult to remove that while on the water testing.

    Looking for advice on how to resolve.



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    check fuel selector.

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    If you've never rebuilt the Carbs since it was new in 2000 consider yourself lucky...

    Rebuild the Carbs and I bet that solves the issue..

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    Thanks for the replies. When I did the fuel lines I also checked the fuel selector and it was completely clean. It is fairly low hours for being 13 years old.

    Carb rebuild - is that changing the jets or is there more to it? Have to say after going through the hassle getting them out for the fuel lines really am not looking forward to pulling them out again. I found the airbox to be the biggest problem.

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    Carb cleaning does not involve removing the jets. It's replacing the internals on the sides of the carbs. Meaning the needle and seats, spring, and a few rubber diaphragms and cleaning the filters. All you need is a Philips screw driver after you get the carbs off

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    Thanks. When I did the fuel lines I did clean the carb screens but did not rebuild the carbs (sure wish I did now). You mention spring as part of the rebuild so does that mean pop off pressure has to be checked? Have not rebuilt the carbs before, but as mentioned did take the sides of both carbs off for the screens. I ended up stripping one of the phillips head screws trying to get it off and at least on my carbs those screws are not listed in the parts finder. The screw I stripped was longer than the one screw listed and shorter than another screw listed. So I had to make due with some washers. Anyhow, if I have to do this I guess I will but would like to change as much as possible. Do I need to do anything with the accelerator pump (rebuild, check that it is working, etc.)?

    I am also looking for a quick way to get the airbox out of the boat. I eventually got it out but it took a long time and I had to wedge it against a number of things, was worried about something breaking.


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    Sounds like clogged accelerator pump system to me. Pull the small nozzles for the accelerator pump an clean with carb cleaner and a small piece of wire

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    I actually just finished going over this problem on my 97 gti except im the umptillionth owner I can only guess, but to the point go through your carb fully its really easy to find a seadoo manual ( cough unlike kawi). Either way clean that carb check the "pop off" pressure for measure its always good to know. Pay special attention to the High speed and low speed screw adjustments that's what ended up being my problem well actually the idle stop screw was the official problem, Ill be posting my fix right now Good luck and keep riding.

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    Thanks for the info. Just trying to think through all the info... I know the carbs were never touched before last summer (adjustments, cleaning, etc.) since I am the original owner, and it always ran fine until the last few years. To me it is sounding like a carb rebuild and/or accelerator pumps and I am thinking it is not the low/high speed screws (just a guess). When I did the carb filters last summer the carbs looked really clean. Did not check the accelerator pumps though.

    Thought I saw in the shop manual that checking pop off pressure requires a tool - is that correct? Any way to check without a tool? Can the pop off color chart sticky be used without actually testing?

    Any suggestions on the best place to get a carb rebuild kit?

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    Just following up on the pop-off pressure question. How can this be checked without a gauge?

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