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Thread: 2008 rxp x

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    2008 rxp x

    New to sight I was wondering what type of service needs to be done when supercharger maintenance required light comes on. Thanks in advance.

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    slip probably needs to be checked, washers need to be replaced or the whole charger needs to be rebuilt. how many hours are on it?

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    104 hours on ski runs perfect

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    The charger is past due for a full rebuild, get it done or risk an engine overhaul. Follow the information in the attached thread.

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    Get the s/c rebuilt.
    Washers and bearings.
    I've seen the bearings on a s/c crap out and do 2k+ in damages.
    Better to be safe then sorry...

    Jerry on this site rebuilds them and I haven't heard any complaints..

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    thanks for the info

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