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    The dreaded surging problem

    Im guessing i have a problem with my WGS on my 06 f12x because I have the WOT surging when I ride. MY ski is bone stock and I want to buy the macsboost module tomorrow and see if this helps and to give me a little more performance (im getting bored)
    Will the module help with this problem?

    Im sure it has something to do with the wastegate because the engine runs perfect at anything under wot throttle..but when i go WOT it boosts hard and then surges at to end with my roms bouncing from 5800-6150 back and forth...sometimes it surges more then others...

    I noticed that it was doing it when i put it away for the season last year and it wasnt doing it when i rode it for the first month of this season, then it started happening..

    I know this is a common problem and im sure its been discussed here a million times, so sorry for not searching


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    I accidentally posted this thread hear. Can someone move this to the correct honda forum please?


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    Thanks for moving this.

    So no one on here has any clue what my problem might be? I am inking a bad wgs or a bad knock sensor. I'm going to try to change the plugs to see if that helps this weekend. I ordered them online.
    I was riding for a few hours yesterday and I was riding fairly hard to see if I could stop the surging. Sometimes it doesn't do it. If I go wot frm a slower speed it rockets me to top speed and gets to about 6300-6400 rpms and then surges back and forth to about 5800 rpms. If I'm going about 40 and I go wot. I get less of a surging and sometimes I will get lucky and no surging.

    For the most part the surging goes away when I'm riding alone it as soon as I go to race someone it starts surging. So aggravating

    I'm hoping its just some bad plugs. I blew thru the one line on my wgs and got a little air to go thru it of a lot. The other line was too short for me to reach so I couldn't test that one

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    Did you figure out the cause of the surge? I have the same problem with my 2006 just started. I have two of these PWC's both 2006 and both with about the same hours...80. One has the surge and the other does not. Both are treated the same and maintained the same. I've researched this problem on this and other forums but have not been able to find a definite fix.

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    Did you try my Quick check for the WGS...... The Sticky in the FAQ section?


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    Yes...and I switched the WGS from one machine to the other with no luck. I've yet to find anyone who can say they've fixed the problem. Many have changed their WGS and/or installed a manual boost control while others have change their ECM...still not a single one of these seems to correct the problem.

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