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    is $82 an hr high for a dealer to charge?

    i have a 2000 seadoo gs 718 (85hp) that i am getting new fuel lines and selector switch put on at a yamaha/ kawasaki dealer but they sale and service pre owned seadoos as well. im pretty sure it will need a little more that new lines and switch because it wasnt starting when i took it in and wouldnt throttle out when i had it running last. (fuel problem)(i did a compression test before taking it in to make sure the motor wasnt blown. but i was just wondering is $82 an hr is reasonable for getting a seadoo worked on thanks cody.
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    Dealer rates are never reasonable! but sounds about right. They should quote you a flat rate per job. Example ("Dual Carb rebuild is 2 hours worth of work plus parts. 1 hour per carb.)

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    okay i appreciate it. yes they said theyd quote me a price before doing anything.

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    My seadoo dealer here in Vegas charges $95hr

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    oh okay, sounds like im getting a little better deal then. i live in southern Oklahoma but am getting it done in north Texas, and they dont charge tax in texas so hopefully it wont be to bad. i just know their a kawasaki/yamaha dealer they used to sell new seadoos but not anymore still service em and sale pre owned ones im just hoping they do it right im sure they will though they seemed pretty honest.

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    If you have the least bit of wrench knowledge you can do this pretty easy. Screw the high priced dealers, there going to charge you for 4-6 hours anyway for a carb job. carb parts are $100. There are tons of threads, stickys here with pictures and tons of's easier than you think.

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    With the Hulks help you could doo it yourself..

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    just for shop rate is $125 Why so much? Well I don't have the sales of new skis and high margins on parts to help defer my overhead....

    I carry liability insurance. If I didn't..I could likely get by with a $65 hour rate. I was lucky to find a company that would write a policy for me. Had I been a mile closer to the lake, I wouldn't have been able to afford it.

    That's why jetski rentals are so high. You think they are raking it in when you rent for $80 an hour?..well not really. Rental liability for 8 skis is over $20k a year inthis market. I do major repairs for the local rental outfit.

    I'm at one hour per carb on most models, plus parts. A complete fuel line/carb rebuild/fuel valve\tank run service runs about $500. I can always supply a detailed estimate, right down to the number of fuel line clamps I'll be using.

    I just about broke even last year, and the folks that were shopping around for a lower labor rate ended up at my place anyway.(after dropping a few hundred someplace else and not getting an effective repair)

    I've seen invoices from other shops..while they have a lower rate...the amount of hours they charge for and their parts markup more then makeup for it.

    come on guys $95 for a carb kit that costs $30? parts markups 300% and most won't run when they put it on the water?

    Around here, if you don't get it right the first time, somebody loses an expensive weekend

    What does it cost to drag your 5th wheel and dual ski trailer 300 miles round trip with a 9mpg diesel dually for a weekend at the lake?

    that's over $125 just for _fuel_ and then your skis don't run worth a crap and your entire family is disappointed?

    I seldom hear that I charge too much. I always here how disappointing it is when their skis don't run after paying the "other guy" and how unhappy the kids were not having their skis running.

    Here's a hint.

    if your dealer doesn't have a test tank, or waterfront..go someplace else for carb work or risk disappointment as mistakes will not be detected when running on a hose.

    Sending a couple of employees off premise for a water test just doesn't happen anymore. Bewfore I got my tank, I could easily kill two hours on a lake test.
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    Dealer rate here is $90/hour. They will water test any boat/ski at $150/hour, which they claim is two guys driving to the river at $75/hour.

    I did my lines and carbs on the hx I picked up having never looked at more than the topside of a bowl on the single carb before. The key is to do your research first, be gentle, and ASK when you don't know the answer. A friend and I (he didn't know even as much about what we were doing than I did) took a saturday and turned it into a learning experience. Having company made the time pass quicker.

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    Im not in the ski biz, but i have to charge 80/hr for my service calls. Biz insurance, liability, vehicle insurance, workers comp, gasoline in a 6 liter engine. Workers wage (they are on the clock to and from). Warranty on work provided. Wealth of knowledge. 82/hr is cheap if its good quality work.

    My .02

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