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    Whats your preferred Android gps app?

    I've downloaded a couple but I don't seem to like them.

    What do you guys like to use?

    I don't have, nor feel like dumping the money on a nice hand held unit.

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    I have the USA version of Navionics. It's basically a chartplotter for your phone. You can see depths and contours of the waterway you happen to be on. There is navigational aids, tracking, course planning, etc. A very cool transition from the big boy chartplotters to your phone. I think it's about $10 in Play Store.

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    What's $120 for a garmin etrex vrs the cost of a smart phone? All it takes is one splash and the phone is history.

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    I got a new Etrex @ Sports Authority on a close out for $60. and i know they are still just around $100. so i would opt for one .... if I were you.

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    I've got insurance through the geeksquad, already had 1 battery get shorted out from the water. Cost me $0.

    The phone goes with regardless, but I will be carrying one of these shortly.

    Looks like I'm going tomorrow on lake tarpon then maybe load back up and head up north to anclote.

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    Otterbox are tough products; however - I think I have that same product you're ordering. If they haven't changed the design, the hinges are "slip-in". The whole box is also constructed of a very durable plastic that does not float: I opened my box on the ski, a hinge slipped out of it's bracket and went straight to the bottom of the river. That's been several years ago and I haven't used it since. Perhaps I can order a new hinge - I really haven't investigated the matter, but I was kind of turned off by the whole event. Looking back, if I did get a new hinge, I might decide to put a drop of super glue on one side of the set up... just some FYI on the OB.

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