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Thread: Top speed trim

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    Top speed trim

    Hi I am a nubee I just bought my first ski a 2013 seadoo gti 130se and I love it.
    I used to race cars and snowmobiles so of course I wanted to se how fast I could go.
    The strange thing is that I am going faster with the ski trimmed all the way down
    91 trimmed down 90 trim middle and 88 trimmed up.
    Now I am 6ft3 285lbs could that be the reason why?
    Thankyou for any help.

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    Was the boat coming unhooked and bouncing when you were trimming the boat up? If you aren't staying hooked up you aren't going forwards any faster. I usually run 1+ up from the middle

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    Yes it was bouncing more the more it was trimmed up.
    Is 91kph or 57mph good for this ski?

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    Sounds about right for a GTI. I ride a modded RXP so a little different. Gotta play around with your trim and match it for conditions. If your start bouncing lower the trim until you find the sweet spot of getting the nose up but not all over the place.

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