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    Tigershark 640 not getting fuel

    I have a 1995 Tigershark Daytona 640 and it has ran great all season so far until about 3 weeks ago. I was riding it and it bogged down and died and wouldnt fire back up. Checked compression and its good, and it has spark. I ordered carb rebuild kits and had a mechanic rebuild them and re-installed them and it still wont fire up. I dont see fuel in the fuel filter. ive been told there is some sort of fuel retriever line in the tank that goes bad. It will start if i spray starter fluid in the carbs and then die. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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    Is the gas supplied by vacuum? I had one once that the gas tank vents were clogged and the gas would not flow. Try taking the gas cap off see if you get anything going to the filter then. If that doesn't work, check the vacuum lines for leaks. After that, Check the hose inside the tank. It sounds like it may have degraded to where it will not allow fuel to exit the tank. generally, if a vac line has a leak, you will notice a slow decrease in power over time, not usually all at once.

    If you REALLY wanted to try a quick fix, take the line off at the filer and suck on it. If nothing comes out, ur issue is clogged vent or tube inside take is bad. If gas comes out, its vac leak more than likely.

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