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    2000 GPR gas smell in exhaust

    Original owner very low hours. When I took it out this year there is a somewhat strong odor of gas that appears to be coming from the exhaust. When riding it the smell is faint but when following it the smell is stronger. The power feels right and it seems to be running as strong as it always has. I do not see gas in the hull but when taking the seat off after it being on for a number of days there is an odor of gas - I think this always happened just cannot remember if it is stronger than before. I do not recall this gas smell before but then again I am the one who rides this one (family rides the GTX). Do I have a problem and if so any thoughts?



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    thats a 2 stroke for ya

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    Happens to mine too.

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    Mine too.

    Things to check/help out:
    1. Replace your plugs. Old and fouled plugs make the problem worse.
    2. You should not smell anything with the ski not running for days, like when it sits. Inspect the small white check-valve coming off the fuel tank. This valve should only let air-in to the tank and not let gas-fumes-out. If it is leaking replace it for about $15.

    Happy PWC'ing
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    Mine smells like gas too.. I wouldnt worry

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    Thanks. I did replace the plugs but have not taken it out afterward. Will check the white check-valve.

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