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    My 2001 Turbo Z28 Camaro

    This is my 2001 Z28 I bought almost two years ago. After looking for the perfect car on the cheap, and driving to other states as well to look at piles of junk, my 01 Z28 popped up on Craigslist about 30 minutes from me. It had a blown motor with 139k miles on it, 6 speed, 1SC hardtop car with no options whatsoever. I went and looked at it and bought it for $2800. This is my 4th Fbody I have had.

    At first the plan was to get a JY LQ4 and do a nice H/C/n2o package. My buddy talked me into doing a budget turbo build though. I sold the 6 speed for $1300. I did not want to go through the same thing I did with my 2000 SS I had and have to be constantly trying to get the manual transmission and hydraulics to function correctly at all times.

    Anyway, the car was built in my garage over the course of a year or so. My buddy fabricated the hotside for it and welded it together with a Harbor Freight welder. Here's a rundown of the worthwhile parts to list:

    Stock bottom end early year 6.0 LQ4, Speed Inc. TU1 cam, Turbonetics 7875 1.15 ar, JGS 40mm wastegate, stock 4L80e with HD2, Circle D 3500, 3.23 10 bolt that leaks and whines, E85.

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    Drag trim. 295/55/15 Mickey Thompson ET Street Radials out back.

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    Dyno video on old eBay turbo.

    Pull on the street with old turbo.

    New turbo installed and trying out the new GoPro.

    Finally, got it to the track over the weekend.

    This was the second pass off the trailer. Boost controller was off and cutout was closed. Log in HPTuners showed 10-11 psi the whole run. Launched off the footbrake at 3100 or so on no boost. 1-2 shift happened at 5300, 2-3 was 6100. Wasn't able to go WOT until it shifted to 2nd to keep the tires from blowing off and I never went above 60% throttle until it shifted to 2nd.

    This is by far the fastest car I have ever owned. First time at the track with a stalled auto as well. I have my max boost set to 18-19 lbs. She has a lot more in her once I can keep it hooked and launch with some boost. The track just wasn't holding much of anything. Next on the list is a 9 inch rear end so I can really launch the car with good track prep. The stock 10 bolt is whining and leaking something fierce.

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    Very nice! Much faster than my '96 Z28 'vert that I pull the WaveRunners with.

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    what are you doing for suspension on it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Region8Ultra250X View Post
    what are you doing for suspension on it?
    I have a BMR turbo k-member, strange single adjustable shocks upfront, competition engineering 3-way adjustable in the rear (cheap shocks), lower control arm brackets, double adjustable lower control arms and panhard bar. Still have the stock torque arm on it.

    This car was very budget friendly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrivingZiggy View Post
    Very nice! Much faster than my '96 Z28 'vert that I pull the WaveRunners with.
    Thank you!

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    What were the final dyno numbers at 14lbs?

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    V8 + spool/BOV. I like this combo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by woeppelm View Post
    What were the final dyno numbers at 14lbs?
    On the on3 eBay turbo it made 606/570. I now have a much better turbo but I'd guess it's over 650 on the same boost level. I am going to throw it on the dyno at my buddies shop again soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by twokexlv6coupe View Post
    V8 + spool/BOV. I like this combo!
    Thank you!

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