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    Does mods speed claims add up?

    Hi all,

    Before I start I am a newbie!

    I wont bore you with my list of after market mods but if lets say and intake grate claims a +3 mph gain and lets say a Speed freeks nose cone claims + 0.2 -0.5 mph gain and lets say another random component claims another +3 mph that would total + 6.2-6.5 mph overall (with respect to an upgraded ECU)

    If the ECU isn't upgraded then I take there will be no overall speed gains?
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    Some mods really do what they claim, some dont. On my 08 PX I changed the grate and picked up 3 mph. Exactly what it was supposed to do. Best thing to do is research here and see what members say about what mods work and which ones dont. Most members will be honest in their findings.

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