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    97 GSX key problem

    I have a 97 GSX that recognizes the key whenever it wants! Can I get rid of this style for the older style ??
    My bad,the ski is a 96

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    You need to explain a bit better. What do you mean by "recognizes the key whenever it wants"? Do you mean you have trouble reading the key and getting the two beeps?

    The only way to get rid of the DESS system is to turn it off using Candoopro. This is risky on a 96 as it might kill the MPEM.

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    Some times you put the key on it an it'll start right away other times it does nothing

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    I suggest fixing it as desgined, as even if you turn off the dess security fucntion ( and doorstopping an mpem is uber expensive) you'll still need to have a working dess post to turn the ignition on.

    clean the inside of the key and post with a clean shop rag. Post failures are common on older skis now. You can get a new post for under $100. Installation is under 30 minutes , even for a newbie. Make sure all wiring is waterproofed before wrapping it up.

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