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    Wake 155 rpm and speed loss after new impeller and wear ring

    Bought the ski with 53 hours on it and it never did seem quite right from the start, ran into a sand bar late one evening and shut it off right away put when I pushed it back into deeper water and started the ski heard some small rocks go through the pump. Checked out the impeller and had a few dings so ordered new wear ring and solas impeller! Before running a ground Rpms were about 7300 ish and speed was about 51 mph in superman position and 46 ish normal but cavitated Alittle at the start , after new wear ring and impeller Rpms are about 6800 and 47mph but takes off from dead stop perfect. My buddy has the same ski dead stock and I can't touch him! Any help would be great as I am new to pwc. I am a mechanic by trade so I'm not scared to tear into it ! Also where is the OPAS screen located i want to check and clean it ?

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    sounds like the new impeller may not be pitched properly for your ski...which one did you get?

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    The one solas recommended the 11/19 ! Is it possible that the pump Is leaking on the sealing surfaces?

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    Sounds like the prop is over pitched.

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    Is there anyone out there running the solas 11/19 on their 155 that can comment ?

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    Tore it down and found out the aftermarket wear ring isn't a tight fit in the housing and grooved bad on the bottom of it , I thought it was still a loose fit because I had it in the freezer prior to installation but oem wear ring it is

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