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    1995 Seadoo GTX Advice


    New to this forum and hoping this question is appropriate. Sincerest apologies if not. Please just let me know.

    I recently purchased a 1995 Seadoo GTX. Still has the original gray fuel lines (I've read a lot about these needing to be changed). The ski seemed to run very well at first, then it would die out, sometimes stalling all together, as if it weren't getting any fuel, just like I read about fuel line issues. It would restart and run all out for a few minutes, maybe seconds, then die and seem like it was starving for fuel. I noticed excessive water in the hull. I assumed it was just coming in through some worn seal or something since it was so old. However the first time it died on me there was water in the hull about 3 inches up the battery, within a very short time of riding it. (not sure if the water issue is at all related to the stalling issue). Brought it to a shop. They filled it with water and found no leaks. They found nothing obvious in loose or broken lines so had no idea where the water was coming from. They couldn't get it started to test it in their 'pool'. Upon a compression test, they found just 20lbs compression in the PTO cylinder, with 150lbs in the other one. They said the motor was junk. I picked it up and it started right up for me and reved up fine (out of water). I went in and asked about that and they said that it started because it wasn't in the water so no back pressure. They told me that it COULD be just a head gasget, but likely it's the cylinder or rings. I haven't checked the comp myself yet, so am taking the word of the shop (authorized Seadoo seller).

    I ran less than 1 tank of gas through it, so the person I bought it from offered to take it back. My questions for you:
    - Would the ski run full speed for a few minutes then die, the run well again if a cylinder had no compression?
    - What's the liklihood it could be a head gasget?
    - Shop told me new parts can no longer be purchased for this ski due to it's age. Is this accurate?
    - Could it just be bad fuel lines and clogged fuel filters?
    - (completely subjective question here) Would you recommed having it fixed or just cut and run and get my money back?

    Thanks so much in advance for any insights and advice.


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    First things first and grab a compression tester yourself and see what you got. if your within a couple psi you should be good. secondly, after the compression test if the numbers are low pull the head off and inspect the cylinder walls. post up a picture if the compression is low. that motor would barely run if there was no compression so im guessing its not that far gone. most likely its a lean seizure and at best case scenario needs honed and a set of pistons and rings, worse case it will need bored and over sized pistons. parts are very available for this ski. click on the OEM parts tab anywhere on this website and order away! your water issue could be a couple things. it could be a hole in the exhaust pipe that is water jacketed leaking or its the carbon seal around the drive shaft inside the hull. they tend to leak only when they are running in the water. after you have verified all this and things are good I would rebuild the carbs and clean the gas tank and fuel selector. for further help on topics please post this in the seadoo 2 stroke performance section. If you ask a mod they can move this thread for you if they have not seen it already. you will get more help there.

    welcome to GH!

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