So for the longest time me and a good friend on this forum have been ripping it up in an area on lake Lewisville called the Hidden Cove. Its secluded from the main part of the lake so the water is not very choppy for the most part. For the past few weeks we have had at least 4-5 supercharged skis with us rollin around as a group whilst we boost around haulin ass and what not.

As of late me and Mike have been wanting to set up some type of hydro-drag event so all the guys in the DFW area can come let the skis do some talking and give the keyboards a rest for once lol. For now its been just a pretty awesome Sunday group ride but we are considering getting some buoys and possibly a radar gun so we can really set it up and do some drag racing. heck if this ever got big enough we could rent out the convention center on the cove and do races right there in front of it...grill out, hang out, and watch some races. Mike is even debating building a launch pad like the ones used at the official events.

So for all you guys in the Dallas Ft. Worth area who have modified even stock skis that would like to see how they perform against others could now have that opportunity.

We ride every sunday from noon until sun-down for the most part. We would love to see some more guys come out and really get something started here.

how would you guys feel about a weekly ride/race ski event? I know theres a few call-outs in the area that id like to see on the water for once! and also get a chance to race some others.