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    newb question. 2001 gp1200r

    Hey guys, I just recently bought a 01 gp1200r for absolutely nothing. I have a 97 sea doo that's completely worked but that's more of a wave jumper and I literally stepped into you know what with this one. Guy had it just sitting in the back yard and had no idea really what was on it. 150 was on the clock but clean. Needed a lot of odds and ends. Wish I took before and after pics but it looks like new now. Anyway long story short. I rebuild the top. Everything else was clean (crank bearings) cleaned the carbs. Has Riva sponsoons, Riva intake grate and ride plate, R and D high compression heads, Full riva exhaust, d plate, wave eater clips. Looks like it has a prop, not sure tho. Trailer and ski I got for $2000. Thing runs like a rapped date now for 6 hours and its a low end machine and wants to rip your hands off. Question I have is the fastest on flat water ive gotten it too on the dream - o - meter is 62. Does this sound about accurate for this ski with the add ons or does it have more and maybe need a carb tune?

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    Hi & welcome to GH. Sounds like a great find. I also have an 01 GP1200, they are fast skis and allow for a lot mods to go even faster. 60 mph on the speedo sounds about right for starters. the ski is capable of going much faster with modifications. You should try to get an inexpensive GPS (Etrex) makes one for around $100. or less if on sale. You will then have a starting speed that you can use as your base speed. Do not be surprise to discover that your ski speedo will most likely read much higher than actual GPS speed. But you need to know ... right? Good Luck & keep all of us posted on your progress

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