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    Water in hull, normal?

    Hi folks

    i am new to pwc's. quick question. When riding my 2004 virage I get water in the hull. About .5 - 1.0 inch at the deepest part of the hull. Is this normal? When seated at the dock or even idling at the dock the is no water.


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    Welcome to Green Hulk!

    Did you in some way remove the water... to know that more water is getting in? Do you have a working bilge pump on the Virage?

    There are siphon hoses that work off pump pressures (suction) that should be laying in the rear low points of the hull. These large OD clear hoses (1 or 2) will have a plastic 90 degree elbow in them that has a tiny hole in it. Make sure that tiny hole is clear and the end of the hose screen pickup is clear also and that the mid point of the hose (with elbow) is secured up high in the hull. If you can blow through them... then they should be clear... and will be sucking when the engine/jet pump is running (in the water).

    As for where the water is coming. Check your clamps on the water hoses... supply and return... for leaks. Also check the thru-hull seal/bearing carrier (point where driveshaft goes thru hull out to the jetpump). These are common leak points. They should be full of grease... via grease zerk. But as the seals wear they do leak. When leaking bad enough... you can see it seep and drip into the hull as the ski sits in the water.


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    Hi ripcuda,

    Thanks for the relpy!

    Yes I bail out water at the end of each weekend.....again only an inch or so after riding it off and on throughout the weekend. Could be it is just coming in through riding.

    I have a bilge but it isn't working.

    These hoses you mention for siphoning....what do they do? Bring water to the intake, or are they part of the pump system to remove water?

    I will run it and look inside for any water dripping in this weekend (if I can get it to start)


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    Check the Polaris Industries parts diagrams for your year and model.
    My 2002 Virage TXi does not have bilge siphons, just the electric bilge pump.

    The electric bilge pump water intake sits about 1.5 inches above the hull bottom, so it will not pump out the last inch or so of water from the bottom of the hull. It should run with the engine off by pressing the blue Bilge button on the handlebar. The bilge pump should run continuously when the engine is running.

    A small amount of water in the bilge is quite common. It can come in through the front bucket seals when splashing through waves, around the seat rim and rear storage bucket seal from waves or rain. General seepage can happen through the drive shaft through-hull bearing seals if they are not perfect.

    Be sure to check all the hose clamps and hoses for correct position on the hose ends, clamp tightness, and check the hoses for abrasion/wear where they may be rubbing on the engine, mounts or other stuff.

    See my signature links for common maintenance items and correct engine identification.

    The Ficht fuel injected engines have specific maintenance and diagnostic aspects that differ from the carburetor engines, so it is important to be certain which engine type you have and tell us which you have.

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    Thanks K447. I have the Ficth Fuel inject model

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    I think I may take some pics this weekend of inside my hull to update and share with you guys....and let me know if I should worry, or just not worry about it!

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    Other possible water entry points on all skis in general.

    Drain plug condition
    Plugged in tight?
    The drain plug base can get loose.
    Water inlet tube gasket is bad
    Pitot tube loose broken cracked or missing
    Pitot speedometer tube fell off pitot
    Cracked hull
    Giant oring on pump base or its loose.
    Hull seal around ski. Unlikely but po
    ssible the ski hit a dock or fell off a trailer
    Water rail leaking.
    Exhaust leaking
    Flush kit adapter or installation of it
    Thermostat area
    All hose connections
    Heads not tight or leaking
    Even the outside gas cap could let water in if the rubber seal under it is bad.
    Front lid subbed a lot
    Or bad seal on front lid.
    Where the trim motor connects in the back thru the ski

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    ok, checked all over the ski this weekend and couldn't find where the water is trickling in while running. Again sitting at the dock it is fine. Its when it runs. Will get back at it next weekend....

    Tightened some of the clamps and checked hoses, but didn't see any real sign of wear on them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by neck4752 View Post
    ... When riding my 2004 Virage I get water in the hull. About .5 - 1.0 inch at the deepest part of the hull. Is this normal? When seated at the dock or even idling at the dock there is no water.

    This is a two cylinder fuel injected engine, correct?

    See my signature links regarding the exhaust water injection solenoid, and how to delete the water solenoid. Typically this solenoid corrodes and fails.

    Only the two cylinder Ficht fuel injected Virage engine has this solenoid.

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