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    Smile A Newbie hello !!!

    Hey Guys , awesome site , been hanging out reading and learning , I'm an old Guy (55) !! just got a 95 SLT750 , and for the other forum a 94 T-Shark Monte..

    The Polaris has had a bunch of the mods i've read about already done and I have been checking them out VIA this site, again , you guys rock with the info. ,

    I had the Polaris out , it wont idle down without dying out and of course when I bring the idle up she wants to go so I have to mess with the reverse handle. out on the water she runs good and quick , but she will die out , starts back up after a few tries ..

    she was just rebuilt so im running about 30:1 and she is smoking. The multi function screen , which is round , is not working so I need to get in the black box and check the fuse .

    I'm most likely gonna be asking lots of newbie questions here so please bear with me !!! if any of you guys are near Saugatuck Mi . I'll buy you a beer !!! Thanks and again awesome job with the site

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    I'm am old guy too, (well, same age as you). Maybe 100 miles east (Near Jackson, MI).

    Couple years ago I bought a Polaris for my youngster. Without this site, (not only do these guys rock with info, they are very helpful) not sure I would have gotten it running. But we did. Then I bought another Polaris for me to ride. Then I bought one for my Polaris ski's are worse than being on dope. I'll probably have to go to rehab one day to get rid of them.

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    I feel your pain !!!!

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    My wife says jet skis are like crack cocain ... always gotta have it & always want more. When she speaks to friends & family ... she always refers to my addiction ! Ha Ha

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