Looking for some advise. I been working on a 2001 SUV 1200 for a friend. Her problem started with a blown #2 cylinder. I sent the block off and had it rebuilt. I installed kits in the carbs but did not change the jets. Although the reeds did not look real good I left them alone since there was no blow by. The ski starts up easy but upon further testing the #2 cylinder is not firing. There is a big difference when I pull the plug wire off #1 and #3. No difference when I pull #2. The fire is good at the plug. However if I spray WD 40 into the #1 or #3 carb it slows the engine. When I spray it in the #2 carb nothing happens. Of all the reeds these look the worst but didn't think it would cause this sort of problem. Thinking about switching the carbs around (switching the pilot jets to match position). I do have some new reeds on the way. Does anyone have any ideas?